Audio Bible Distribution

By Tom Zurowski

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of joining our GRN team in South Sudan. Together, we joyfully distributed 100 Audio Bibles (provided by our friends at The Voice of the Martyrs Canada) to the village of Sindiru.

The audio Bibles are solar-powered, which enables the villagers to use them without the need for batteries. If treated properly, these Bibles can last quite a long time. It is not unusual to walk by someone and hear the Bibles playing as the people go about their daily work. Each one is equipped to play the New Testament both in Bari (local language) and in English (their choice).

Many of the people in South Sudan are illiterate and would not be able to read a Bible even if someone gave them one. So for many of the villagers, an audio Bible is their only hope of being able to “read” Sacred Scripture.

Through listening, the words of the Bible come alive and fill the mind and heart with hope. One of the greatest needs of the people in South Sudan is hope. In a place stricken with pain, hunger, fear, suffering and death, hope is perhaps the greatest commodity. The words of the Bible instruct, encourage and direct. You see, when God is all that you have, His words take on a whole new meaning. They become what they were meant to be, the road map to Heaven, the very road map of life!