radioGRN is currently working in the United States and South Sudan.

We desire to awaken and inspire people in North America to make a difference in the world around them. By speaking in several different venues, we bring awareness of the plight of suffering people (mainly persecuted Christians). We also give an opportunity for people to “get connected” with strategic projects that we are engaged in. Continue reading “Summary”

South Sudan

kids_7GRN has been working in South Sudan since 1999.

While exploring the needs of the South Sudanese population, GRN Director, Tom Zurowski, found that in every village, Christian education was the overwhelming request of the people.

During one of these fact-finding missions, the Nugent School was discovered. Hidden in the bush and littered with land mines, the dilapidated buildings stood only as a reminder of better days when the Christians in South Sudan were free to live normal lives. Continue reading “South Sudan”

Nugent School

Sudan_April_2009_1_069Many years ago (1999), I traveled to South Sudan to distribute refugee kits to thousands of displaced people of Equatoria and the Nuba mountains. As I journeyed from village to village, I asked the people what the single greatest need of South Sudan was; without exception, the answer was “education.”

On my third trip to Equatoria, I traveled through the town of Loka, a beautiful place nestled in an impressive teak forest and spotted with mango trees. The people of Loka were very kind to me. During that trip, I came across an abandoned school campus. I was given a brief history of the school and was guided through the bush to examine the crumbled buildings. As I walked, I prayed. I wondered if this school could somehow be restored. My thought was that we could start with one classroom, and then, if God blessed our work, we would grow from there. I knew that the only way that the school would be a success was if it could be self-supported and self-governed. For the school to be successful, it had to have community participation from the very beginning. Continue reading “Nugent School”