Clean Water For Koggi, South Sudan

During the month of October, three villages that surround the village of Koggi (where GRN has worked for the last four years) were raided by “rebel” forces, and as a result, more than 1,500 people were left homeless. As a result, an internally displaced people (IDP) camp was set up in Koggi. Having more than 1,500 people added to the community has created a desperate need for water. Immediately, the water system became overwhelmed, and people were being forced to walk more than a mile (one way) just to get water. GRN saw the need and responded by having a well drilled within a hundred yards from the new IDP camp. Although there is a need for another well, the people in the camp are so happy to have clean water so close. Here are a few pictures from my trip in January. Please pray for peace in South Sudan!


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