Healing Emotional Wounds

This is my friend Charles Kulang in South Sudan. Charles is a catechist at St. Mark’s Parish and a dynamic preacher. Approximately one and a half years ago, his wife and sister-in-law were shot and killed by members of a rebel group while preparing dinner for their families. At the same time, his little boy, niece and nephew were abducted. Someone ran down and killed the man that took his son and then returned the boy to his father. Charles’ niece and nephew have not been heard from since that horrible event took place. Charles is asking for prayer. He told me on my last trip (two months ago) that his son has not spoken since that evening. He wonders if it is because his wife’s blood covered his son on that fateful night. Please pray for Charles, his children and his brother as they look to God to heal their emotional wounds. Please pray for peace in South Sudan, and please pray for Global Response Network as we continue to walk with them. Apart from my family, this is where my heart is. In a couple of months, I will return to be with them.