Schools of Love

Growing up as a child with many learning disabilities, I never thought that God could use me for much of anything. Over the years He has proven to me that when we walk with Him, anything is possible. If the truth be known, none of us knows what our futures hold. My story is one of learning how to love. We may believe that loving God is pretty easy, but that is not as true as we might think. As Christians, o love God alone, apart from the rest of a world filled with evil is somewhat easy, but when we enter into the evil and look it in the face and feel its destruction, we are challenged to examine the depth of our love for God and see how authentic it really is. The Apostle John challenged me to take a deeper look into my own heart to see just how much I really love God when he said, “How can you say that you love God whom you cannot see if you do not love your neighbor whom you can see?” Working in South Sudan has been one of my schools of love.

By Tom Zurowski