Smiling Kids School New Year’s Celebration

Many years ago GRN started a school in Pakistan named Smiling Kids. (It serves underprivileged and children with special needs. These kids are from Christian homes whose parents are not able to send their children to public schools because of their Christian beliefs. Some children can attend Catholic schools, but the nuns and students are often the targets of Islamic fundamentalists. The schools and their faith in Jesus are not “welcome” in Pakistan, but remain legal through the government.) Each Christmas, the school celebrates the birth of Christ by reading the gospel story of the Nativity. Then they share a meal, give gifts, worship through song and holy dance and present a play that tells the story of our Lord’s birth. Every year since GRN had an office in Pakistan, we have financially supported the work of this school. We always look forward to helping with the Christmas celebration. The school doesn’t have the extra funds to provide gifts for the children without GRN’s help. Once again, Global Response Network had the privilege of helping the children celebrate Christmas and the New Year with gifts. We count it an honor to be a part of their holiday celebrations each year! Here are a few pictures that they sent to us recently. The children are very grateful to receive their box of small gifts.