South Sudan president orders army to stop attacks on rebel positions

May 24, 2017 (JUBA) – South Sudan President Salva Kiir on Wednesday directed the army to not attack the position of armed opposition forces after declaring a unilateral ceasefire, saying it was time to prove to the world who was looking for peace and who is wanting war.

” I know they will be attacking your positions after learning declaration of the ceasefire. They will be provoking you, but do not respond, don’t move out of your positions. This is the message you need to deliver to the division commanders and the brigade commanders. Tell them this is the message from me and they should comply,” President Salva Kiir told the chief of defense staff on Wednesday.

The president congratulated the military officers whom he has given new assignments after restructuring the army, saying it was time to work together as one body and cohesive command.

” When you are one and work together as a team, the work you are doing will not be hard. The challenges will be easy to overcome. I know you have your capabilities and the will to transform and restructure the SPLA (Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army) so that it represents all the faces of the country. I know this is a challenge but if you work together you will turn these challenges into opportunities,” he said.

An excerpt of an article courtesy of the Sudan Tribune