radioGRN is currently working in the United States and South Sudan.

We desire to awaken and inspire people in North America to make a difference in the world around them. By speaking in several different venues, we bring awareness of the plight of suffering people (mainly persecuted Christians). We also give an opportunity for people to “get connected” with strategic projects that we are engaged in.

prayingGRN is committed to helping men, women, and children who are hurting carry their cross. In many countries, people are suffering in their journey of life. GRN helps to connect individuals of privilege with needy and broken people to help share their burdens.

On occasion, we work together with other ministries and support projects they are working on. When we work together, we get more done. embracingWe are not interested in reinventing the wheel for the sake of building a ministry; we are simply trying to serve God’s kingdom.

For the most current projects that GRN is working on, please follow our blog.

Thank you for your interest. Together we can make a difference!