The Affect of COVID -19 on Koggi Village, South Sudan

Thank you for your continued faithful support of GRN’s work in South Sudan. We appreciate your prayers, financial donations, and encouragement very much! Our hearts are eternally grateful to you. There’s no way GRN can serve without your help.

We pray for each one of you and your families.

The time since COVID -19 struck our world has been a trial for our staff in Koggi Village. In March, South Sudan closed its borders. No one has been able to go in or out of the country. Dickson, our field coordinator, happened to be home for a visit with his family in Kenya when the borders closed. That means our other staff members have been in Koggi Village without him ever since. However, he speaks with them frequently and can direct them via the telephone.

To update you on the current situation in Koggi, we thought we’d share some recent email (and telephone) messages from Dickson.


Here’s an email from a few weeks ago:

 I am so glad to hear that all is well with you and your family. Thank you very much for the money wire.

The GRN Team at Koggi, my family and I are doing well during this scary period of COVID-19; we thank Almighty God for He is faithful!                                                                  

Special thanks to you, Brother Tom (your family), and all of GRN’s partners for your tireless support even during a time when the whole world is going crazy!  I have never seen anything like this before!         

Maybe God is saying something to His people. Let us keep on praying that it can be revealed to us. I mention you guys in my prayers every day. We have come a long way together!
 May God bless you more than ever seen anything like this before!                    

Borders are closed, No flights; everyone is scared almost out of their skin!! However, our Lord God is in full control.

May you all be safe in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen

In Christ, Brother Dickson Mutiso


This one is from October 14:

Much greetings from the GRN team, my family and me in Africa.
Thank you so much for your prayers! Thank you, also, in advance for the money wire.
 A lot has changed due to the COVID-19, but God is in control.

We do pray for you, your family and all our donors/friends of GRN every day.
Truly prayer works! Big time.

It was so wonderful speaking to brother Tom yesterday. I could see/feel his big smile all the way! May God bless you guys more and more every day. I will do as you have advised when the money gets to me.

I am in the process of drilling a borehole for ITAA Primary School in Kenya as per your advice and support.                                                                                                                          

It has become evident that due to the heavy prolonged rains, there is a looming food shortage in the Equatorial region of South Sudan (Koggi Village included).

By using the GRN’S tractor, our team was able to plow/till some land for planting food. We have also helped a few villagers at Koggi to plant food. The same service was extended to the Catholic Parish in Lobonok, South Sudan.

Thank you so much for the support; otherwise, we wouldn’t have managed to give our families highly needed care. May God bless you with His abundant love. 

Your brother in Christ, Dickson Mutiso


Also, via a telephone conversation, Dickson told Tom that there had been a tremendous amount of flooding recently. Our guys in Koggi have not been able to leave the immediate area due to the Kit River flooding. Purchasing much-needed supplies have been virtually impossible.

Please pray for them as not only have they not seen their families since March, but now they’re even having a difficult time buying food and other necessities. However, they are doing whatever they can to help the local people of Koggi.

Thankfully, the men can send money to their wives and children (in Kenya) using their telephones. So their families have not suffered financial loss due to their separation. But being apart from their loved ones for such a long time has taken a toll on them.

Please continue to remember the GRN staff in Koggi Village and their families in your prayers. They are in desperate need of them.

Thank you again for your help as we continue to bring the love of Christ to the people of Koggi Village, South Sudan.

We pray for God to bless you and keep you safe.

In Christ’s love,
Tom, Elli, Dickson, and the rest of GRN’s team in South Sudan