The Cost of Working in South Sudan

Untitled-5How much would you pay for a bottle of hand soap? Three, four, or maybe even five dollars? Due to unpredictable hyper-inflation in South Sudan, my dad, Tom Zurowski, director and founder of Global Response Network, and I had to pay fourteen┬ádollars for a simple container of hand soap on our last trip there! Now, this is not a sob story; it’s just the reality of working in South Sudan.

It has been said that South Sudan is the second most expensive country to work in and it simply takes money to be able to work effectively there.

To those of you who financially support our work, may I say, “Thank you!”. Every penny that comes in is important to the work that we believe God has us doing here in the USA and in South Sudan.

If you have never given financially to GRN, I would like to invite you to partner with the GRN team and together we will be God’s voice and God’s hands to the world around us!

No matter the amount, whether it be one dollar or one thousand dollars, each and every gift counts and makes a difference!

If you would like more information about our ministry, please send a personal message to us on Facebook. We would love to answer any of your questions!